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Portrait Information

Look around on the website and get inspiration for how you want your images, the possibilities are almost endless.

If I do not exactly find what you are looking for - Please contact me for a talk anyway.

We can make the photo shoot with me, at your home or on an outdoor location.

Do I need experience as a "model" for the different photo shoots?

No, I guide you, show examples and posture, and we find the style just right for you and your wishes for the pictures.

Can everyone get modeling photos?

Yes, everyone, not depending of age, height or build are welcome. However, you must be min. 18 years and show ID before the photo shoot, when it comes to light or no clothing.

How It Works

You prepare from home, find the clothes you want to use, the boots, high heels, lingerie, dresses, hats, makeup, etc. according to the photos you want. When you arrive, we are talking about wishes, ideas, borders, see photos and posture. After photography, we see the images through and select photos to edit.

Can I bring someone to the photo shoot?

Yes, you should be comfortable when it happens, so if you don’t want to be alone, please feel free to bring a friend. There is always a cup of coffee, tea or soda.

NO photos from the photo shoot will be used on this site or elsewhere without your permission.

I always ask after the photo shoot, if there are photos that I find particularly interesting as they might get online.

Send a mail for more information



Facebook boudoir

Ryefoto now has a boudoir group on Facebook where you can sign up and get benefits like:

- Discounts on boudoir photoshoot
- Notification of new boudoir photos.

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